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Old House, New Kitchen

January 01, 2020

A Waldorf school mother approached us with a fresh new project - "transform a tired kitchen from the 1960's to something modern and exciting that's not too expensive." 

Upon inspection, while the cabinetry was dark and cruddy from years of use, the lines of the room were favorable as was the natural lighting.  Our craftsman guided her on the appropriate cabinet placement, tasks appropriate for each workspace, light requirements, and general flow of movement for food preparation and entertaining.  The old cabinet doors were removed, the boxes expanded and refinished, new panel doors were created and finally installed.  Granite experts added a new counter top, brushed steel appliances replaced the vintage white models, and a new steel hood over the stove bridged the old and the new.  The result - an impressive refresh with minimal downtime and significantly lower cost over a tear-down and replace.   

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