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Antique Clock Restoration - Vienna Regulator


A stately gentleman approached us and asked if we fixed clocks.  "Why yes, I believe we can help you", we said!  He carefully opened a box full of disparate pieces that he had had for years.  Our craftsman worked tirelessly for weeks researching Vienna Regulator Clocks - the woods, assemblies, joinery, hardware before starting the project.  After many tireless hours, the work was complete.  What arrived sad, broken, and almost forgotten - departed a masterpiece -a fully restored Vienna Regulator. 

Located in Boise, our expert antique clock restoration offers reconstruction of the wood case to bring an heirloom piece back to life. Our expert antique wood case clock restoration is created by knowledgeable local craftsmen who deliver a finished product that achieves perfection. 

  • Custom Restoration & Repair 
  • Item shown is constructed of mixed hardwoods 
  • Premium quality joinery
  • Priced to fit your budget based upon design and materials 

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