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Antique Clock Restoration - Quaker Clock


A former military man and frequent collector of antiques from faraway lands, the owner approached us with a dilemma.  He had an old Quaker clock that had been deteriorating in his garage for decades and asked if we could help. After careful assessment and research of the period, our team tackled the task.  The case, which had been eaten by worms and other crawly creatures, was completely reconstructed in adherence to the original design concept. It took 6 months of careful restoration. Two days before Christmas – the project was finally completed.  With guests arriving in a matter of minutes, we were just in time getting it to a featured space in his living room. As we departed, we saw what looked to be a slight tear in the eye of the owner.  He had waited much of his life to see this treasured piece brought back to life.  That day meant the world to him and became a Christmas he would never forget. 

Located in Boise, our premium antique clock repair and restoration offers rebuilding of the wooden case to restore a precious timepiece to its original state. Our premium quality antique wooden case clock repair and restoration is hand-made by expert local craftsmen.

  • Antique Restoration & Repair 
  • Item shown is constructed of quarter-sawn Sapele hardwoods 
  • Premium quality joinery
  • Priced to fit your budget based upon design and materials

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