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Built-In Entertainment Center - Architectural Recess


Simple.  Elegant.  Practical.  Have you ever wondered why builders leave those funny little indented spaces in the middle of your wall?  None of your furniture quite fits the space but you leave it there anyway for lack of a better solution.   Our custom Built-in Entertainment Center is the perfect fit – designed just for that space and your television no matter what size.  This design offers 6 spacious storage cabinets plus 8 shelves for storing your prized possessions, books, and other pieces.   The best part is  you now have a harmonious visual line making your room like like it's right out of Architectural Digest.  Now that's worth waiting for.

Made in Boise, our custom built-in entertainment center is crafted of quality hardwoods. Designed to fit an architectural recess, our premium built-in entertainment center is is available as paint-grade or stain-grade and hand-made by expert local craftsmen. 

  • Custom Cabinets 
  • Solid core cabinet grade plywood.  
  • Solid wood doors, face frames, and shelves.
  • Premium quality joinery
  • Item shown is approximately 7' wide 12″ deep x 92″ high. The bump out and cabinets are 18″ deep.
  • Priced to fit your budget based upon design and materials

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