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Adirondack Chair & Table Set


Adirondack Chair & Table Set 

This Custom Adirondack Chair & Table Set was created for an amazing UPS delivery friend of ours in Austin.  He wanted to surprise his wife with something very special on their anniversary.  

His home was on the Canyons of Lake George, just outside of Austin.  Comparatively, they are not the same as the Adirondacks. However, they were carved by massive flooding over the Hill Country East of Austin resulting in breathtaking rock formations and extremely rugged terrain. 

If you haven't seen the Canyons, you wouldn't believe you were in Texas.  But let's just keep that our little secret. 

Anyway, his goals were the same as those of the original designed of the Adirondack Chair, Mr. Lee, who summered in the Adirondacks over a century ago.  Basically, our UPS friend wanted reliable outdoor wood furniture, specifically a Custom Adirondack Chair & Table Set that provided comfort and support on unstable, rocky land. 

He also wanted solid cypress with premium quality joinery. He knew this was something he couldn’t get from a local retailer selling imported Adirondack chairs from Southeast Asia.  He also wanted to impress his wife too. And that he did! 

  • Solid cypress
  • Premium quality joinery and hardware 
  • Stained finish
  • Priced to fit your budget based upon design and materials

What exactly is an Adirondack Chair & Table Set?  Basically, Adirondack chairs and tables are quality outdoor wood furniture whose history dates back the early 1900’s.

Lee wanted to create a chair that could handle the rugged terrain of the Adirondacks.  For those not familiar with the East Coast, the Adirondacks stand at an elevation of 5300 sq ft and cover 9100 square miles in upstate New York.

Lee's goal for the chair was that it be made of solid wood.  Additionally, it needed to provide balance, comfort and stability, regardless of whether it sat on uneven terrain or a sandy patch of ground.  

As a data-driven designer, Lee prototyped his chair and then iterated on the design with feedback from family members.  Eventually, he created the perfect chair, offering wide arm rests paired a high back for support and a slanted seat to avoid  avoid hamstring discomfort.