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Jewelry Box with Precious Wood Inlay


A truly unique gift for someone special. This breathtaking Maple Jewelry Box with Precious Wood Inlay of four unusual woods is like a jewel itself. The light majestically plays across its surfaces in a spectacular dance of color and tone. Perfect for the bride, a birthday, or anniversary. Monograming also available. Hand-crafted from solid hardwoods.

– Custom Order
– Solid maple hardwoods
– American Black Walnut dovetail on feet
– Sapele monogram
– Waterfall Bubinga on inside lid
– Holly compass rose on inside lid design
– Premium quality joinery
– Item shown is approximately 10″ wide x 5.5″ deep x 5.5″ tall
– Also available in paint grade materials
– Priced to fit your budget based upon design and materials
– Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery

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