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Antique Car Restoration - Lincoln Zephyr Dashboard


The Lincoln Zephyr was first introduced in 1936, marking a pivotal moment in automotive history. Positioned as a mid-priced luxury car, the Zephyr was Lincoln's response to the economic challenges of the Great Depression. It aimed to offer a more affordable yet stylish alternative to the high-end luxury cars of the time.

The target audience for the Lincoln Zephyr comprised individuals who aspired to own a luxury vehicle but were financially constrained during the economically challenging 1930s. The car's unique selling proposition lay in its ability to deliver a touch of luxury and sophistication at a more accessible price point, making it an attractive option for the emerging middle class.

What set the Zephyr apart was its innovative design, featuring streamlined, art deco-inspired aesthetics. It was one of the earliest mass-produced cars to incorporate aerodynamic principles, setting a trend for the automotive industry. The sleek, modern appearance of the Zephyr distinguished it from the more traditionally styled cars of its time.

Made in Boise, our custom Lincoln Zephyr Dashboard is crafted of stain grade quality mahogany. Designed to fit our premium dashboard is available as paint-grade or stain-grade and hand-made by expert local craftsmen. 

  • Custom Antique Car Interior Woodwork 
  • Solid mahogany 
  • Premium quality joinery
  • Priced to fit your vehicle based upon design and materials

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