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The Wedding Gift

January 01, 2020

On a busy day when the world is full of chaos, you find yourself needing space and serenity, even if it's just for a few precious moments.  Imagine a private outdoor alcove, with hints of sunshine, a light wind gently touching the surrounding greens, a trace of fragrance, and a beautiful wooden swing.  You sit and it calms you instantly with its subtle response to your movement.  I reflect on the fact that my swing was a wedding gift, inspired by a trip to Europe and commissioned by my husband. I had forgotten about it as it sat unused in the attic for many years.  We finally moved to a larger home where it was recently rediscovered.  It now hangs majestically in this quiet space where it's purpose is now clear.  It's not just a physical creation but a full body experience meant to be enjoyed again and again as time dances by.


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